Monday, October 5, 2009


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  1. Dear Anu

    Just read your shocked response to the loudspeaker, bathroom tiles, etc, etc at the so-called "ancient site of Vijithapura".

    Reminds me of our shuddering reaction when similarly assaulted by a loudspeaker on a rock at Kirinde in the 1970s.
    An idyllic place by the sea, inhabited by a community of Ja (i think) people(we have photographs of a beautiful girl child who befriended us that day,&, later, ones of her once she had become a mother, carrying her child on her hip), was being (re?) appropriated by "Buddhists",
    loudly regaling apparent donors to the reconstruction of the "past".
    Over time, another people with a different religion had grown into the place.
    I dread to think what the "re-" appropriation has brought about...
    high up on a rock overlooking what was a peaceful community with a different faith.

    Manel Fonseka